A lifelong communicator, the written word is by far my favorite means to connect with people. I just never thought to make a career out of it.

Then I met this Dutch guy and soon found myself in the Netherlands with no job and minimal grasp of the local language.

To make connections and pass the time, I started writing. First a blog. Then a series of children’s books. Then for newspapers and magazines and small businesses. Soon I was making a living with my words. And that brings us to… today.

My writing has appeared in more than 20 regional and national publications, 15 blogs, and on numerous websites. I’ve also got a running list of copywriting clients for which I’ve covered banking, travel, law, landscaping, education, and wellness. Plus experience editing and proofreading for publishing companies and non-profits.

The best part about my job is the number of fascinating people I’ve been able to meet: World War II Veterans, sportsmen, architects, performers, artists, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, moms… I don’t have enough appendages to count them all!

And how many people get to listen to Three Dog Night or take an archery class and call it work?

These days, I’m living and writing it up in Georgia with my husband and our two children (one two-legged and one four-legged).