Mary’s Story, Daughter of Henry VII8736800
By Tiffany Jansen, Medieval Maidens
Mary’s oldest sister will soon marry the King of Scotland, but will everything be ready in time for the big day?


Mary’s Holiday Story7720532
Tiffany Jansen, Medieval Maidens
The feast of the Twelfth Night is tonight, but Thomas, the stable boy, who is to lead the festivities is nowhere to be found. Can Mary find him in time to save Twelfth Night?


Start Here: 40 Freelance Writers Share How They Find Clients, Stay Motivated and Earn 40_freelancewriters_ebook_cover_400x600Well Today*
Various authors, edited by Carol Tice
This collection features some of the best content on Carol Tice’s award-winning Make a Living Writing blog. Freelance writers share how they broke through and discovered how to earn a real living as a writer. Includes my post on how to get work with your writer website.


The Renegade Writer OMNIBUS: Best of The Renegade Writer Blog 2006-2016*
Various authors, edited by Linda Formicelli & Diana Burrell
A collection of the best posts from Linda Formicelli and Diana Burrell’s blog The Renegade Writer, which is no longer online. Includes my post on ‘double-dipping’ for writers.


A Little Easycracy: Easycracy in Half an HourScreen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.25.36 AM
Martijn Aslander & Edwin Witteveen, translated by Leonieke Toering & Tiffany Jansen
A new society in which organizations work smarter, better, faster, and cheaper – all laid out for you in just 30 minutes.


The New World4347057
Various authors, The Holland Times
The ancient Maya were right about the dawn of a new way of life and the fate of civilization is left in the hands of a remaining few. I penned the chapter titled The Wall.


Have You Found Your Mr. Wrong Yet?*Have You Found Your Mr. Wrong Yet?
Esther Jacobs, translated by Tiffany R. Jansen & Natasja Kemp
A candid look at a trailblazing woman forced to come to grips with life’s deepest questions when she finds herself falling for… Mr. Wrong.


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