I’m a freelance writer specializing in health, design, parenting, business, and travel.

Editors know that I get the very best from interview subjects and go elbow-deep in research to provide accurate, entertaining, informative, minimal-editing-required content for their readers.

Clients rest easy knowing that, with me, they’ve got a writer who understands their business, ‘gets’ their audience, and gets the work done on time and without hassle.

Take a look at some of my past work below. If my refrigerator wasn’t already covered in my daughter’s artwork, this stuff would totally be hanging up there.

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{Copywriting and Blogging samples available by request]


The Preschool Inside a Nursing Home
For the elderly residents, interacting with the kids is a jolt back into the world of the living.



The Jetsetter’s Guide to Holiday Travel with ChildrenGlobalLivingMag_port
Global Living Magazine
Take the stress out of traveling with kids in tow.


The Nursing Home That’s Also a Dormcitylab
CityLab (from The Atlantic)
Nursing homes ask college students to move in (also published by TheAtlantic.com).


Our Dream PursuitsFrederickNewsPostLogo
The Frederick News-Post
Local woman hopes to provide jobs for those with special needs.


‘P’ is for Phosphate: Could Urine Solve a Fertilizer Shortage?4264_174927030233_174895735233_6991067_4555793_n
Earth Magazine
Human urine may be just what we need to keep up food production.


The Handy Dutch Tool That Scrapes Every Last Gram of Jam From the Jarsaveur
Rely on the flessenlikker to get the most out of your condiments.


Two Fitness Instructors Gave a Brilliant Response After Being Body Shamedself-logo-black-156x45
A nasty stranger may have done us all a favor by starting a conversation about body shaming.


Dancer Spotlight: Philip Martin-Nielson pointe-magazine
Pointe Magazine
Overcoming adversity is something the Trocks leading dancer knows all about.