What clients are saying…

Chantel_Newton_cutout“Tiffany consistently pitches creative story ideas, and it’s clear she is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the topics she covers. Throughout the entire researching and writing process, Tiffany kept the lines of communication wide open. She let me know when any notable changes cropped up, and she didn’t hesitate to ask questions. We were both on the same page the entire time, which means there were zero surprises when she submitted her draft.

Chantel Newton | Associate Editor, Pregnancy & Newborn | pnmag.com

MargieDombrowski_FreelanceEditor“I worked with Tiffany when I hired her to write book reviews and house tours for shelter publications such as Outdoor Rooms and Make It Organized! I called on Tiffany because of her enthusiasm and fresh writing style. I highly recommend her as a freelance writer who’s dedicated to delivering quality content no matter the project.”

Margie Monin Dombrowski | Freelance Editor | www.MargieMD.com

AlisonCavatore_GlobalLivingMagazine“Tiffany has written articles for Global Living Magazine and has been a pleasure to work with both in terms of professionalism and content creation. She produces quality articles based on her personal experiences that are engaging, thought provoking, and on-point for our international audience. Respectful of deadlines, style and contributor guidelines, Tiffany has a stellar record with Global Living Magazine and it would be an honor to include her in future issues. I highly recommend Tiffany as a freelance writer.”

Alison Cavatore | Founder & Editorial Director, Global Living Magazine | www.GlobalLivingMagazine.com

Karen_Gardner2“Tiffany approached me with a great idea for a story, and she carried it out with much professionalism. She wrote an excellent, in-depth article in a lively, readable fashion, with lots of examples to illustrate the subject. She also arranged for me to get photos of the topic, saving me from having to make those arrangements. Tiffany is an excellent writer who can create story ideas, find experts to interview, meet deadlines and provide interesting, easy to read content.”

Karen Gardner | Features Editor, The Frederick News-Post | www.FrederickNewsPost.com

ElainePhillips_EngagedEnthusiastMedia“With strong interviewing skills and attention to detail, Tiffany Jansen will create the clean, engaging content you need. I hired Tiffany twice during my time at Engaged Enthusiast Media; she contributed to our Spring 2013 special issue Kitchens & Baths and our completely sold-out Winter 2013 edition of Victorian Homes. For the latter piece, Tiffany’s careful research and resourceful writing enabled the art director and me to create a fabulous new story from a lovely older photoshoot, saving us both money and time—precious resources during a busy magazine production schedule! If you hire Tiffany, her passion and professionalism will make her work—and your publication—shine.”

Elaine Phillips | Editor, Engaged Enthusiast Media | www.ElaineKPhillips.com

Angela_Mackintosh “Tiffany is a dynamic, professional writer, who has written several in-depth articles for WOW! Women On Writing. She is a joy to work with and understands exactly what our editors are looking for. Her writing is grammatically clean, well thought out and logically composed, and most of all–engaging. She’s a master at interviews–both in finding experts and asking the right questions. She always meets her deadlines and takes direction well. I highly recommend working with Tiffany in any capacity.”

Angela Mackintosh | Founder/CEO, WOW! Women On Writing | www.WOW-WomenOnWriting.com

Laura_J_Martin2“I needed a business bio to promote myself as a yoga teacher, but I just couldn’t make the words work for me. I knew what information I wanted to present, but I couldn’t get it all to work together. When I can’t do something myself, I have no problem paying a professional. I passed the information on to Tiffany, she asked all the right questions, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Tiffany was organized, thorough, kind, and professional. I enjoyed that I was part of the process. I felt connected to the work. Now I’m very proud and excited to share my bio with others. It’s ready for any yoga student that needs it. I’m constantly discouraged by the poorly written information and advertisements I see on the internet. No one needs to suffer from poorly presented material – they can just call Tiffany!

Laura Martin | Yoga Teacher and Freelance Artist, Laura J. Martin Yoga | www.facebook.com/LauraJMartinYoga

Laura_Owings2 “Tiffany is a very capable writer who respects both her editors’ directives and assigned deadlines. Her copy is consistently delivered in fine grammatical form, requiring little editing or proofreading. Her story pitches are always unique and well-researched. Tiffany is a pleasure to work with.”

Laura Owings | Editor in Chief , The Holland Times| www.TheHollandTimes.nl

Meaghan_McGonagle2“Typically we have to ease bloggers into the writing and publishing process by editing their posts, helping craft strong post titles, introducing basic SEO principles, etc. Tiffany was very much a self-starter, diving right into the Dutch blog. She consistently found compelling topics to write about. Her posts were open and honest, always encouraging others to continue their language learning journey. That honesty and encouragement goes a long way in building a community of blog followers. I would recommend Tiffany as a regular contributor/blogger. She’s an excellent writer who has a knack for contributing interesting ideas and communicating with online communities.”

Meaghan McGonagle | Social Media Coordinator, Transparent Language | www.Transparent.com

Caroline_Mason2“Tiffany is a very professional writer, who uses her experience combined with her local and personal knowledge to write interesting and useful content. She delivers her work in a reliable and timely fashion and is also great to deal with. I would recommend Tiffany’s work for others looking for effective and interesting content.”

Caroline Mason | Chief Marketing Officer, John Mason International Movers | www.JohnMason.com

jac_rongen2“I was looking for a bit of media exposure – something I’d been neglecting in promoting my business. I hired Tiffany to write a series of articles and get them placed in magazines potential clients would be reading. Tiffany was the first to respond to my request without hassle. She wrote and placed two articles, and I will be working with her to produce more. I found Tiffany to be open, professional, and very service-minded.”

Jac Rongen | Developmental Facilitator, Rongen Consult | www.Rongen.com

Laura_Wallis2“Tiffany is one of the smartest writers on the web – no question. She’s not only terrific to work with, she always brings 200% to every project. And she’s always right on top of what’s going on in the online marketing world (and I mean world as in international experience). So looking forward to my next project with her! Always excited to see what projects she has coming around the corner, too!”

Laura Wallis | Online Marketing Consultant, Web Navigator Gal | www.WebNavigatorGal.com

MennoJong_AmsterdamCityTours “Tiffany is a brilliant writer, we hired her for a lot of jobs and were always very pleased with the results. I highly recommend her.”

Markus Menno Jong | Founder & Director, Amsterdam City Tours | www.AmsterdamCityTours.com

NatashaGunn_ExpaticaNL“Tiffany has written several blogs for Expatica.com and was voted as the best blogger of 2010 by readers of the Dutch site for her post ‘Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Dutch Toilets.’ Tiffany writes well, and her blogs are both amusing and original. She’s also a great communicator and ultra-professional in her dealings with people.”

Natasha Gunn | Editor in Chief, Expatica (Netherlands) | www.Expatica.com

Alyssa_Ast2“Tiffany provided a committed relationship and remained a dedicated blogger for the WM Network the entire length of time she worked with us. Tiffany always provided top quality content that was always among the top ranking content on our sites. Tiffany is a great writer and of great value to The WM Network. We highly recommend her for any writing project.”

Angela Atkinson & Alyssa Ast | Founders, The WM Network | www.WMNetwork.com

Amanda_van_mulligen2“Tiffany writes about things that matter and has a knack for writing evocative, thought-provoking pieces. She is a great networker and is willing to provide support and assistance to others. She is well organised and methodical in her approach to contributing to interviews and articles, as well as in collating information for her own writing. A pleasure to work with!”

Amanda van Mulligen | Expat Blogger and Writer, The Writing Well | www.TheWritingWell.eu

MatthewHeuston_ConceptArtist“Tiffany was a great person to work for. She is a wonderful writer and has great ideas. She is also very open to artists’ ideas and interpretations while maintaining a clear understanding of her goals. Her feedback was also extremely helpful and timely. It was a pleasure to work for Tiffany.”

Matthew Heuston | Artist, Matthew Heuston Art | www.MattHeuston.com

LiesbethWieggers_TheCanary_Author“We were very happy with the translation Tiffany provided us for the book ‘The Canary.’ Tiffany completed the translation quickly but, more importantly, she was able to capture the ethos of our book. We hope to work with Tiffany again in the future and were impressed with the way she immersed herself in the text and her eye for detail. Her translation was vibrant and clear and had that playfulness we were looking for in our text.”

Liesbeth Wieggers | Co-author, The Canary

CharlotteVanDerAvoird_iCare“We were looking for a native speaker of American English for some translation work. Tiffany was recommended by an acquaintance. From the start, we were able to communicate on a good level with Tiffany regarding the assignment. She was a pleasure to work with. We are very pleased with the results.”

Charlotte van der Avoird | District Nurse, iCare | www.icare.nl